We write you now a very urgent mail in order to speed up your registration and the submitting of your paper due to the fact that if interested participants are not registering in time the availability of hotels of the forum will be strongly reduced because to the EXPO. According to the Kazakh authorities,  an enormous run for hotels is going on now!

Therefore our urgent request to register within the next 14 days, so based on your registration,  the Ministry of Energy can assure sufficient rooms and a number of hotels that secure participation for those participants that have registered NOW!!!

Please also do not forget to submit your full paper asap!!!

Please take this message very serious, as the EXPO event attracts so many people!!!!!! The EXPO starts already on June 10th and runs till October 10th

Remember also to book your tickets now in order to avoid high rising prices in the coming months


Look forward to see you all again


John Vijgen and Kazken Orazalina