We write you now a very urgent mail in order to speed  up the submitting of your paper.

The Deadline is February 28th , 2017 and is now less than 14 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The requirements for the Papers are very easy and a minimum of 3 pages is required!. See format and requirements in the Word Document (available on the website under downloads).

Those participants that request financial support for their participation, are obliged to submit the papers as required. Please remind if no papers have been submitted the financial support will not be taken into consideration!

Also remember that each participant has to register on the website. It is not possible to assist people if you are not registered!!

Please take this message very serious, as the EXPO event attracts so many people!!!!!! The EXPO starts already on June 10th and runs till October 10th

Remember also to book your tickets now in order to avoid high rising prices in the coming months

We will announce before the end of the week/weekend hotel information on the website!

Look forward to see you all again


John Vijgen and Kazken Orazalina