September 07-09, 2009, Brno, Czech Republic


Hotel Continental, Kounicova 6, Brno, Czech Republic



Obsolete stockpiles of pesticides in the Central European and EECCA Countries and other regions – state-of-the-art of the solution of these problems 5 years after the Stockholm Convention has come into force



  • International HCH & Pesticides Association (IHPA), The Netherlands
  • Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic
  • RECETOX, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Central and Eastern European Regional POPs Centre
  • Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA)
  • Institute of Health, Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • TOCOEN, s.r.o.


Host Organizations:

  • International HCH & Pesticides Association (IHPA), The Netherlands
  • Ministry of Environment, Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic
  • Ministry of Health, Czech Republic
  • RECETOX, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
  • Central and Eastern European Regional POPs Centre
  • Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA)


Sponsored by:

  • Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic
  • FAO - GEF funded project “Capacity building on Obsolete and POPs Pesticides in Easter European, Caucasus and Central Asia Countries (EECCA) countries
  • Czech industry – under negotiations
  • European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) – under negotiations
  • BMU Germany - under negotiations
  • Tauw Group, The Netherlands - under negotiations



The aim of 10th International HCH and Pesticide Forum is to present and discuss the problems connected with a huge amount of obsolete pesticides in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and many others around the Globe, their inventory, present amounts and  elimination, which had started successfully during the previous nine Fora. This Forum is undertaken under the framework of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) five years after the Convention has come into force. Special attention will be given to solve the problems with obsolete pesticides in the Central and Eastern European region.




The Forum objectives are:

  • To review of past and ongoing activities in the field of obsolete pesticides problems in Central European and EECCA Countries, Africa, Asia and South America – what has happened during the last twenty years ?
  • What has been realized from the 9th Forum recommendations ?
  • To discuss the national and regional strategies, action plans and financial resources for elimination of the obsolete pesticides – from discussion to action
  • To review and exchange technologies and experiences for inventory, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment of central stores, environmentally sound management, storage and destruction of obsolete pesticides and contaminated soils
  • Awareness raising of the obsolete  pesticides problems globally, regionally, nationally, locally;




The preliminary programme of the 10th Forum includes three days discussions and one day field trip on the 10th of September.


Special workshops on (preliminary version):

  • Progress in the FAO-GEF Regional project on “Capacity building on Obsolete and POPs Pesticides in nine Eastern European, Caucuses and Central Asian (EECCA) countries”
    • Status of UNEP-GEF Regional Project: “Demonstrating and Scaling Up Sustainable Alternatives to DDT for the control of vector borne diseases in Southern Caucasus and Central Asia”
    • Monitoring of obsolete pesticides and harmonization of investigation methods, risk assessment strategies for different pathways and exchange of data
    • MONET network for monitoring of persistent organic pollutnts in ambient air in the Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Africa
    • Progress of technological solutions in the field: “incineration and alternative technologies”
    • Non-technological issues: Organizational, legal, and communication aspects of clean-ups



National Organizing Committee:

International Scientific and Program Committee:

Prof. Dr. Ivan Holoubek, RECETOX, MU, Brno (Chair)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jana Klánová, RECETOX, MU, Brno (Co-chair)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Luděk Bláha, RECETOX, Brno
Dr. Pavel Čupr, RECETOX, Brno
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lammel, RECETOX, MU, Brno/Max Planck Institute, Mainz
Prof. Dr. Zdeněk Friedl, Chemical Faculty, Technical University Brno
Dr. Josef Čáslavský, Chemical Faculty, Technical University Brno
Prof. Dr. Jana Hajšlová, Chemical University, Prague
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jan Tříska, Academy of Science, Ceske Budejovice
Prof. Dr. Milena Černá, National Institute of Public Health
Dr. Miroslav Punčochář, Academy of Science
Dr. Radim Šram, Academy of Science
Dr. Petr Hapala, Institute of Public Health Ostrava
Dr. Tomáš Ocelka, Institute of Public Health Ostrava
Dr. Josef Švaříček, State Plant Protection Administration, Brno
Dr. Jiří Drápal, State Veterinary Administration

M.Sc. John Vijgen (Chair), Denmark
Prof. Dr. Ivan Holoubek (Co-chair), Czech Republic
Dr. Karel Bláha, Deputy Minister, MoE CR
Dr. Michael Vit, Deputy Minister, MoH CR
Representative of the Czech MoA
Prof. Dr. Dr. Konstantin Terytze, Federal Environment Agency, Germany
Mr. Paul Whylie, SSC
MSc. Mark Davis, FAO
Mr. Mohamed Eisa, UNIDO
Prof. Dr. Stanislav Miertuš, ICS UNIDO
Prof. Ivan Atanassov, Bulgaria
M.Sc. Bram de Borst, Tauw Group, The Netherlands, Chair IHPA
Prof. Dr. Branko Druzina, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prof. Wim Rulkens, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
M.Sc. Stanislaw Stobiecki, Plant Protection Institute, Poland
M.Sc. Ms. Neel Strobaek, Ramboll Denmark
Dr. Archalus Tcheknavorian, AFIDE
Prof. Valentyna Pidlisnyuk, Kremenchug Tech University, Ukraine
M.Sc. Leon Urlings, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Walter Giger, ETH Zürich, Switzerland





Representatives of scientific communities, governmental administration, NGO’s and business associations from Central European and EECCACountries, and international organizations with experience on obsolete pesticides.


Participants are invited to submit short abstracts of their oral or poster presentations (1 page) in English and to take part in the discussions both in plenary sessions and/or in the working groups.
The Forum  book of abstracts will be printed in English before the Forum. The Forum Book, containing the full papers of the communications, will be printed in English after the Forum. The Forum Book and resulting documents will be also published after the Forum on the IHPA site.





Registration Form:

Registration will be managed electronically via the RECETOX web site Electronic registration will be opened on 01 December 2008

Rules for abstract and paper preparation will be published in the Second Announcement and will be available on the RECETOX website.


You will have an opportunity to distribute promotional material among participants.


Conditions of participation, Conference fee:

Submitting the electronic Registration Form is required if you wish to have your oral or poster presentation included in the Forum schedule.

The Forum participation fee is € 200,-. This covers participation in all presentations, coffee breaks, two lunches, reception, field trip and a "Forum bag" which includes the book of abstracts and later delivery of the ‘Forum Book’.



The Organizers will help you to book a hotel room.

List of hotels including student hostels will be added, reservation of the accommodation will be a part of electronic registration.

Sponsorship for participation in the Forum is relevant for limited number of candidates from countries with economies in transition.



If you have any questions concerning the Forum please contact the Forum Secretariat:

Prof. Dr. Ivan Holoubek – chair of the Organizing Committee
Masaryk University
Kamenice 126/3
625 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 549 491 475
Mobile: +420 602 753 138
Fax: + 420 549 492 840



Kamenice 126/3, 625 00 Brno
Phone: 549 497 787
Fax: 549 492 840

Kamenice 126/3, 625 00 Brno
Phone: 724 25 98 56
Fax: 549 492 840


Download the 1st Announcement:

pdf 10thHCHForum_1stAnnouncement.pdf (153 KB) - PDF format