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What is the International HCH & Pesticides Forum?

The International HCH and Pesticides Forum is a technical forum, open for discussions and interactions among the pesticides manufacturing industry, international, national and regional authorities, NGOs, Research and Development Institutes, contractors, consultants and other knowledgeable and interested parties. The aim of the Forum is to find technical solutions to the problems arising from the (former) production and application of pesticides.


The aim of the Forum is to continue the discussion for creating a program for inventory and elimination of obsolete pesticides, which had been successfully addressed at 8th Forum in Sofia, Bulgaria (2005).

The Forum is undertaken under the framework of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and will activate and support activities of the countries for implementation of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) practices to solve the problems with obsolete pesticides, establish contacts between the interested parties, attract attention of investors, industry, public, authorities and mass media.


The Forum objectives are to review the state of the NIP's for the Stockholm Convention and to discuss the barriers and opportunities in the NIP implementation process; to review the existing monitoring systems in the countries related to the POPs and obsolete pesticides problems; to present and exchange technologies and experiences for waste management and destruction of obsolete pesticides and contaminated soils based on the existent case applied in Moldova; to increase policy - awareness on the obsolete  pesticides issues in the region based on the countries experience since May 2001; to discuss the national and regional strategies, actions plans and financial options for elimination of the obsolete pesticides stockpiles.


You can find more information in the CALL FOR PAPERS AND SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT