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Call for papers

The details you can find in the pdf Third announcement

NEWS! (13.06.2011)

Selected papers, meeting the criteria of Springer ESPR journal, will be published in ESPR. Please refer to the Instructions for Authors with the paper requirements.


BOOK OF ABSTRACTS – will be available in the Forum materials:

ABSTRACTS PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION (for oral and poster presentation):

Abstracts should be concise, 1 800 characters long and prepared according to the following pattern:

First, A.1, Second, B.2, Third, B.1
1Research Institute, Town, Country
2University Department, Town, Country

The text of abstract should be written in English, single-spaced with no indentations. Use standard abbreviations only. Do not include referenced and figures or tables into the abstract. Use 12 pt Times New Roman fonts with 2.5 cm side margins. Submit your abstract only by e-mail or disk. The deadline to submit the abstract is June 30, 2011.
The abstracts of oral and poster presentation will be published in their original forms as received from the authors. No additional editing works will be done.
The abstract book will be distributed to Forum participants at the start of the 11th Forum.

FORUM BOOK – containing the full papers of the communications, and Forum Resolution Document will be provided on the website of IHPA in PDF format in English after the Forum.


For oral and poster presentation:

The papers should be written in English. The papers should not exceed five A4 (210 x 297 mm) pages and should be typed in MS Word, Times New Roman font, single-spaced, font size 12, left and right margins should be 25 mm wide,  30 mm should be margins at the top and the bottom of the pages. The paper should contain:

In bold, capital letters and centered
Double space

In bold, italic letters and centred
Double space
Author’s affiliations
Italic letters. If more than one institution is included, number them according to authors
Double space

All articles should start with abstracts. The abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and state briefly and specifically what the paper reports, summarize the conclusions. Point out new information and indicate the relevance of the work.
Double space

5 –10
Double space

The authors could structure of the article depending on its content, as for example: introduction, one or more chapters/paragraphs, and conclusions. All figures and tables have to be incorporated in the text, they must be clear and simple, and they should be properly identified with number and text which explain the figure/table. Measurements should be expressed in SI/units.
Double space

in bold
Double space

Text of References

Papers must be sent to the Organizing Committee by e-mail to: ... within the established deadline: July 31, 2011.

11th Forum proceedings

The presented papers will be published after the Forum on the IHPA Web-site. The materials will be published in their original forms as received from the authors. No additional editing works will be done. The authors are fully responsible for the content of their abstracts.