This month, we are sharing insights into a successfully treated remediation site in Germany. Learn about Evonik’s In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) technology and how it helped to restore the soil of a former chemical manufacturing property.

KLOZUR® KP and PERMEOX® Technology in Germany

A challenging contaminatedsite successfully treated

A site situated near Frankfurt am Main, Germany on the grounds of a former chemical manufacturing facility which produced solvents for metalwork, cleaning chemicals, and specialty oils was successfully treated with Evonik ISCO technology (In Situ Chemical Oxidation).

Particular challenges of the site included: nearby operational

buildings, underground tank and pipeline facilities, a small stream downgradient of the contamination, and unfavorable geology for conventional in situ remedial technologies. These all mandated a cost-effective, robust solution to address these site-specific constraints and limitations.

The major component of CHC contamination was cis-1,2 DCE (54%), followed by tetrachlorethylene (PCE 28%), and trichloroethylene (TCE 16%). The major component of BTEX contamination was trimethylbenzene (TMB >76%) followed by xylenes.

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Evonik’s In Situ Chemical Reduction Solutions

ISCR is the combination of abiotic chemical reduction using zero valent iron and/or reduced minerals (magnetite, pyrite), coupled with anaerobic bioremediation for the effective treatment of chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and energetics.

Physical, chemical, and biological processes combine to create an extremely reduced environment that stimulates chemical and microbiological dechlorination of otherwise persistent compounds. We would like to introduce two of Evonik’s ISCR products: 

EHC® Liquid ISCR Reagent is a concentrated, buffered, microemulsion of a controlled-release, food-grade carbon, nutrients, and iron designed for on-site dilutionwith cold water. It is designed for injection via existing wells or hydraulic injection networks for the treatment of a wide range of groundwater contaminants. 


DARAMEND® Reagent represents a superior treatment technology for solid materials impacted by recalcitrant organic compounds. It treats soilscontaining chlorinated herbicides and pesticides, organic explosive compounds, and chlorinated VOC. The technology can often be applied without excavation.

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